Westell 6100 connection problems

By ktpinnock
Aug 22, 2008
  1. Hi,

    So I currently have a Westell 6100 from Verizon and I have been experiencing connection failure a lot these past days. It seems that my connection is down almost evey 30 mins to a day and I've tried everything from making sure all the wires are plugged in, to restarting the DSL modem and setting up a connection. These troubleshooting attempts works only sometimes and only for a small period. I've also noticed that whenever I use my phone to call Verizon to help me, the internet light comes back on. I really don't know what to do because every time I call Verizon they can't really help me because my connection seems fine...until I hang up the phone for another 30 minutes. The list below is an overview of my connection that I lost while attempting to right this...

    Connection Rate (Down/Up): No DSL Connection
    Connection Status In Packets
    Out Packets 1537
    In Error Packets
    Out Error Packets 0
    IP Network Address
    Primary DNS
    Secondary DNS
    Ethernet Status
    In Packets 1950
    Out Packets 1778
    ATM NetworkAddress
    VPI 0
    VCI 35

    Firewall Status
    Passed in: 0 Out: 0
    Dropped In: 0 Out: 0

    Connection Name Connection Duration Status Number of Reconect
    Verizon 00:06:48 UP 0

    P.S. I am using Windows Xp..and also when I lose my connection my DSL light tends to blink....

    and yes my connection did come back after I went to the westell page and clicked the connect button...which is not there all the time..I guess I was lucky this time
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