What GTX 770 should I get?

By childofthetao
Nov 18, 2013
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  1. There are some noticeable price difference between the 4gb versions. The palit one is the cheapest I can find, then there's the Zotac one.

    I'd much prefer the palit one because it has three fans. Then there's the Gigabyte one, it costs more because it's OCed I presume, but could I OC the Palit card to match the GB one? Is there any point paying more for an OCed card?

    I don't know what to get :(
  2. LukeDJ

    LukeDJ TS Maniac Posts: 350   +112

    I generally base my GPU selections off the cooler and which I like best, so in this case, I know the Gigabyte will give you some very nice temps and sound levels.

    However, it is quite a bit more expensive, so I'd go with the Palit or Zotec, and don't worry about the OC on the Gigabyte you can easily do this with a cheaper card.
  3. GhostRyder

    GhostRyder This guy again... Posts: 2,191   +590

    Based off your choices if I was picking I would get the palit one.

    The reason being:
    Better cooler (palit has some excellent coolers)

    You can overclock the palit to match the gigabyte should you wish and beyond.
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  4. childofthetao

    childofthetao TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 158

    Do you think I could do that on the stock palit cooler?
  5. GhostRyder

    GhostRyder This guy again... Posts: 2,191   +590

    If you mean the one you posted above, then yes you could, the Palit cooler is designed for some nice overclocking.
  6. hopgop1

    hopgop1 TS Booster Posts: 165   +31

    The only benefit of stock overclocked cards is that they are guaranteed to run at the speed they are overclocked to, but as stated above you can overclock above and beyond the gigabyte one with Palit you suggested.

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