What is a memory burn-in

By hondablaster
Sep 8, 2005
  1. What is a memory burn in i keep doing google searches with burn in meaning a stability test. I thought it was a stability enhancment tool. In the google diction burin - in is. Running an unstable system for a long period of time can improve the performance and bring stability to the machine.

    Also, My memory is the PDPsystems low latencey XBLK all the reviewers say if you want to go above 230 FSB a burn in phase is required.
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    Burn in refers to running a computer for several days to determine any problems caused by overheating, or other glitches. When you purchase or build a new system it is best to "burn it in" to find out if there are any problems. It's kind of like buying a new car, you change your oil after the first 500 miles because the engine is given a chance for all the parts to match up.

    With computer burn in - you are seeing if all your components are compatible. If you buy a ready made system this is normally done by the manufactuer. Burn-ins are not necessary for pre-fab systems, but are required for home built systems.
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