What is the power consumption of the Gigabyte 7950 and GTX 760?

By Mikulover
Sep 18, 2015
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  1. I'm currently in the market for a new graphics card. I'm considering getting the factory overclock 1000mhz 7950 from gpushack for $129 or a used GTX 760 from a friend for $120. My psu is the Evga 500w 80 plus and I have a non overclock fx 6300 cpu. I'm more interested in getting the 7950 because it has 3gb of vram; however, I was checking their power consumption here.
    Is that the power consumption of the GPU only or whole system?
  2. JoshuaK1806

    JoshuaK1806 TS Rookie

    A Gigabyte 7950 needs a minimum of 500w to run and a GTX 760 needs a minimum of 500w also.

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