What is this  "About:Blank"?

By macx
Nov 9, 2008
  1. Often, NoScript blocks that, what is it? Do I need to keep blocking it, or should I unblock it and, if so, why? Thanks!!
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    Umm, are you talking about the "About:Blank" that can appear in your browser (Case on the left)? Cause if so, that's just the window name used when you setup your Internet Options (on right) to start with a blank page.
  4. kimsland

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    At last I know something more than LookinAround :rolleyes:

    About:blank is a known bug (we are not talking about the About Blank blank website in your browser setup)
    This is a spyware usually running in c:\windows\system32 and is usually a DLL file
    Please Google about:blank for more info :)
  5. macx

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    Ah - I don't and never have and never would use IE. FF all the way. And that doesn't appear in my browser (cuz I refuse to use IE), it always comes up when NoScript blocks something and I look at the options to allow what I need to allow to make it open if I want, then it's listed in there as one of the things NoScript is blocking.

    And - that's THE big reason I come to this website, cuz I 'spect most all of you gentlemen know more about all this than I do. ; -)

    AND I appreciate your time and efforts on my behalf!!
  6. LookinAround

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    Ahhhh.. makes more sense.

    Especially as i just woke up a bit ago,so the grey matter in my head is just beginning to connect and communicate with on another :rolleyes:
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