What is Wrong With My Graphics Card? (screenshots)

  1. I am using a radeon 7970, Ever since I got my card several months ago, I have experienced some extremely strange problems that leads to my computer blue screening. While I am gaming at random times my screen distorts and things are stretched over the screen. I have not been able to find someone with the same problem. Is my card bad? Any possible fixes? Any help would be greatly apprenticed. WoWScrnShot_110213_122507.jpg Guild Wars 2 Glitch #3.jpg
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    I suggest updating your driver but other than that, you probably should not have waited several months to report this because your warranty is most likely finished.
  3. Mooseinadesert

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    Actually my have a 1 year warranty on parts, so I've just been putting it off for awhile. My drivers are updated to the newest version, so it is definitely a defective card?
  4. dividebyzero

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    Your card is showing texture corruption- known as artifacting. Likely the memory or power delivery to the memory is failing.
    This page will show you the common symptoms and causes. If the card does not artefact when in 2D (desktop) mode or video playback then a bad card will almost certainly be the issue. A bad power supply or power supply (PCI-E) cable can occasionally produce the same symptoms, but would also be more apparent by causing desktop crashes.

    If the card is only a few months old it will be covered by warranty - either a RTB (return to base -retail) or the actual vendor/manufacturer of the board depending upon where you purchased it. An OEM (bare card or purchased as part of a pre-built system) usually carries a 1 year warranty. A retail product is generally covered by a 2 or 3 year warranty depending on vendor. If you aren't the first owner of the card you may have to contact the original owner for help with the warranty process unless you have the original receipts/shipping documentation.
    EDIT: I see you have a 1 year warranty. Contact the vendor ASAP. The card will not get any better and will likely get much worse.
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  5. Mooseinadesert

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    Thanks for your help Dividebyzero, you were a big help, I'll contact the vendor as soon as possible.
  6. ace2001

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    If you were building this yourself you probably somehow damged the card or it was alredy damged, you need to carfeul with things like that!
  7. Mooseinadesert

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