What should I upgrade to play WoW?

By Project
Nov 30, 2005
  1. Hey, I have a computer thats 4-5 years old, It has a 64 mb vid card and 512 mb ram with a pentium 4 processor 1700 mhz processor.

    Now im starting to play a game (WoW) and its an online massive multiplayer game, my performance is good but now that im doing special "quests" with like 40 other people cramped almost into a single spot it lags me up.

    When I start killing stuff with the 40 other ppl cramped up in a spot, I lock up bad and can barely control what Im doing, so im basically just standing there waiting till its over. What can I change/add to my PC to fix this problem and have minimal to no lock ups?

    I am currently on a budget, I dont want to buy something really expensive, just want to fix this problem. Oh, last question, if I reformat will this help? Thankyou.
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    I posted this on another sub-forum, just thought it would go faster here.
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 6,308   +52

    CPU and memory.

    A CPU upgrade may require a whole platform change, however. Memory will still help you out quite a bit though, where large groups of objects and units are concerned (like in towns).

    WoW with low textures runs really well on my laptop with a 64MB ATI 9000 video card. :haha: So if you can live with low/medium graphics details, you'll need not replace the video card.
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