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By ingeborgdot
Jul 13, 2007
  1. The mobod i really like does not have an internal pin connector for a 1394 plug on my case. My case has a 1394 connector and a cable but the cable has a 9 pin female connector. I have checked on using an add on pci card but can't seem to find any. They only seem to have the standard 1394a connector. Maybe I should just look at another board but I really like the board because of its rating and its features. Are there any adapters that would work?
  2. CCT

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    I would Google "9-pin FireWire 800 (IEEE 1394b)" and find one and also read about them before I bought one.

  3. LXIX

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    hmm well you could get a new case. If the board means that much to you.
  4. Fuzzynavel

    Fuzzynavel TS Rookie

    Fuzzy checkin in!

    Of course, you could just forgo the FireWire connection all together. Does it mean that much to you? Do you have many FireWire devices??

    IMHO, unless you need the extra speed afforded to you by some FireWire devices, stick to your USBs and give up the FW seeing as how you like everything else about the mobo. I'll post a follow-up here if I see a FW card that will suit your needs in my travels.

    Good Luck... we're all counting on you!

    ~ Fuzzy
  5. CCT

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    That Google I suggested got a number of hits - :)
  6. Fuzzynavel

    Fuzzynavel TS Rookie

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