Where is the serial number on Asus mobo?

By jason4207
Mar 6, 2006
  1. I need some help. I'm trying to register my P4P800E-Deluxe on the Asus website for warranty work, and I can't find the serial number. I don't have the original box, and that is where the Asus website is directing me to look for it. I'm hoping it is somewhere on the board. There is white sticker on the board immediately in front of the Primary IDE that says:

    000 C49B747-00351-60-M8LCW0-A03 1003

    Entering this number in the Asus website registration kicks back an error. I left off the first three 0's, and the last 4 digits (BIOS ver?) Any help would be appreciated.

    Here's what I think happened to the board. I was unlocking some features on my new e815 motorola cell phone via the USB cable. I went to unplug the phone, and a static electricity spark jumped from my finger to the phone's antennae. I'm assuming the charge traveled down the USB cable, and into the PC. I unplugged it, and then went back to my PC. It was frozen. I rebooted, but it kept saying that overclocking had failed. I turned off all overclocking, and rebooted. I got into Windows, and then it froze again. From this point on I could get nothing but a black screen and the POST reporter telling me "CPU test failed". I started taking it apart and noticed a burning odor. I quickly pulled the plug! I took everything apart and noticed a small bump on the southbridge chip. It's fried. I'm hoping Asus will give me a new one. We'll see. If not it's about time for an upgrade anyway.
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    Look on the PCI slots or the top of the printer port.
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