which graphics card? MOBO -ECS K7s5a

By petedacook
Nov 26, 2004
  1. Greetings all,

    I am upgrading my ECS k7s5a mother board and want to put in a good graphics card, but I ccannot find anything I can use to decide on which board to get. I cannot find tech. specs that compare boards in the same language and i do not know what all the tech jargon i can find means.

    I'm looking for something reasonably priced that will play the besyt games out there like doom 3, half life 2 etc.

    Im running ECS K7s5a mother board with a soon to be AMD 2600+ processor.
    The car must be AGP4x compatible.

    Thanks for any helpb you can provide.

    Pete K
  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    That motherboard will really hamstring your performance in newer games. You can get an nForce board and 512mb DDR RAM for about $120. With an nForce board you can overclock that XP 2600 to a 3200. Radeon 9600 Pro's are running about $100 now and 9600XT's about $130. FX5700(not LE) is a good card too. Those are the lowest Id go for games like Doom and HL2.
  3. petedacook

    petedacook TS Rookie Topic Starter

    New mother board

    Is this correct? Do I really need to get a new mother board?

    I currently have a Geforce 2 MX400 and a 1.2 gig AMD processor and i play world of warcraft, GTA3, GTA 3 vice city, warcraft2, anarchy online, and I do not see any problems. Granted it is not light speed, but it is not blantantly slow or anything.
  4. vegasgmc

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    The bus speeds for that board are 200/266 mhz but the XP 2600 uses a 333 mhz bus so the 2600 processor may not even run at its default speed. You also want to run the RAM and processor at the same speed. With a newer board you can use PC3200 (400mhz) RAM and run the XP processor at 400. Even with the system I have I cant play Doom 3 with all the settings turned up. That ECS board was a budget mobo when it was new, its practically a dinosaur now.
  5. petedacook

    petedacook TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I got a new mother board

    I got a Asus a7V8x-x motherboard with PC3200 ram. The processor is 2800 AMD.

    I am looking to set the processor for optimum settings, but the screen is very unfamaliar to me.

    Where can i find information about how to over clock the processor?

    Pete K
  6. gznhustlers

    gznhustlers TS Rookie

    hi i am running a 1800xp+ on the same motherboard k7s5a, what would be the best graphics card to buy because I have tried nvidia 5200 fx thing to no affect my old 32mb one runs ten times better. I was thinking of getting a radeon 9200 se is it worth it? some help would be greatful!
  7. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    9200 is crap. You can get a 9600 pro for around $110, if not that a regular 9600 for about $75.
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