Why not many SATA optical drives available

By cigarman
Feb 5, 2006
  1. I'm wanting to put together a new system using a matx motherboard along with a SATA hard drive together and two SATA DVD drives--one a combo burner/reader, the other a reader (player) only, if they in fact make a reader-only drive. When I looked on a few sites to check pricing and specs, I only see a relative few SATA optical drives available compared to PATA optical drives. Why is this the case especially since SATA hard drive offerings seem to be about as numerous as PATA hard drives? Is there some sort of problem with SATA and optical?

    If in the mean time I want to use my existing PATA DVD burner and reader drives on this new motherboard hooked up to a SATA hard drive will that pose a problem? I would like to eventually go all-SATA, but looks like I'll have to wait for the optical drive manufacturers to catch up with the hard drive manufacturers for more availability to choose from. Though I haven't checked out all the optical drive manufacturers, I did check a number of them and only units by Plextor.
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    It's all about supply and demand.. There is just no real demand for SATA opticals yet.

    PATA is fast enough to cater for the fastest optical drives and with SATA ports still being scarce on most motherboards, it is better to spare those for hard drives and use the legacy IDE ports for optical.
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