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By Robyn
Jun 19, 2006
  1. I just ordered my son a new laptop. He wants have a wireless connection. I haven't the first idea of how this works or what I need to do. Someone please help me with some wifi for *****s.
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    I don`t know how security conscious you are,but if your thinking of networking in the future -

    Top 10 Security Tips for Home Wi-Fi Networks

    1.Change your router's access name and password.

    2.Don't let users piggyback onto your Wi-Fi net -- turn off peer-to-peer connections.

    3.Stop broadcasting your router's network ID.

    4.Approve all wireless network users in advance.

    5.Turn on wireless data encryption.

    6.Periodically check router logs for rogue users.

    7.Use a strong firewall.

    8.Password-protect your computers and files.

    9.Put your wireless network on its own subnet.

    10.Turn off wireless cards and routers when not in use.

    From HERE
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    Thank You

    Thank You. That web site did the trick. You were a great help. And as for the security post, THANK YOU. I would have never known all that!!!
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