will any mobo fit?

Apr 18, 2005
  1. I want to change the mobo on a PC that has a CHASNEXGEN-2 MAIN CHASSIS FRAME. would any mobo fit? Or am I limited to certain brands? thanks

  2. vnf4ultra

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    You're not limited to "brands", but you must use the same form factor. Atx and micro atx are the most common. If in doubt, a micro atx will fit in an atx case.
    Though replacing a motherboard may mean you have to buy a new copy of windows.
  3. RickM

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    I am pretty sure an ATX mobo will have a 20 pin power connector.
    The Micro AT will not. I would do a search on ATX & AT specifications.
    Your power supply may come into play too.

    Good Luck.
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Take the measurements of your mobo, and compare that with what you want to buy.
    New(er) mobos quite often require a new CPU and different memory from what you have got. If you have integrated graphics, you will also need either (rock-bottom) integrated again or a new (low-class) PCI or (middle-class to very good) AGP or (top of the line) PCI-Express card.
    A more powerful power-supply may also be necessary.

    From your description I gather you have a veritable piece of eMachine junk.
    You'll be better off buying a new barebones system, rather than waste your money trying to soup up a piece of crap.

    For swapping a mobo, you do NOT need a new copy of Windows. You WILL have to re-install from scratch though, and in case of XP, you will almost certainly have to re-activate it (only one phone-call away).
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