WiMAX just hype for now?

By Phantasm66
Oct 13, 2004
  1. "These applications will not be large enough to sustain the multitude of silicon suppliers and equipment manufacturers who have expressed interest in developing products for WiMAX. The hype surrounding WiMAX ... as a fixed wireless access technology will remain just that -- hype." - Market research firm iSuppli.

    You may recall that we recently reported on WiMAX, a standards-based wireless technology that provides high-throughput broadband connections over long distances. This emerging long-range wireless technology can blanket entire cities with high-speed Internet access. It could be the answer to the lack of broadband access in rural areas, and could let you use your laptop with your broadband connection on the move.

    Intel, who previously helped to make Wi-Fi popular, are heaping praise on the technology, and are hoping to bring about the WiMAX era" -- using the technology to displace cable and DSL Internet access and segments of the cellular phone market. Sounds just great.

    However, market research firm iSuppli thinks that the future is less than bright for WiMAX, at least for the time being. Read here to find out why.
  2. m00n

    m00n TS Rookie

    Many WiMAX projects were started during 2006. Any WiMAX users in this forum ?
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