Win 2000 Pro install problem

By rdmike
Jan 27, 2005
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    Hi, I was just trying to install Windows 2000 Pro on one of my computers. I was able to delete the old partitions (two hard drives), create new ones and selected a drive to install 2000 Pro on. I got three quarters of the way through the format process when I got an error message saying there was no hard drive to format. How could it go so far into a format of a drive that does not exist? Anyway, now I cannot get the install to continue because Windows cannot see my two hard drives. I have tried going into the BIOS and auto detecting the drives with no luck. The only thing it shows there as a hard drive is my dvd drive. I have tried switching to booting from a floppy disk and it will not do this at all. When I try this option it tells me to remove disk(s) and hit any key to restart. I would appreciate any help ya'll could provide on this issue.

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    It is always best to list the Hardware specs for your machine . You can use 'Your profile page.
    There may be a problem with that HDD.
    Try removing that one and make the other HD the Master / or
    Re-partition with software from the manufacturer of that HD and you will also be able to check the drives for errors with their software.
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