Win 2k3 server automaticly log off

By Beni
Feb 10, 2005
  1. Solved: Win 2k3 server automaticly log off

    Hi everyone

    Perhaps somone of you has an idea;
    I installed win 2k3 server (trial version). Now, I have a big problem. When I try to log in, it looks everything normal, bur as soon as I'm logged in, windows disconnects me again, and log's off (I don't even see the normal desktop).

    The last thing I've done, is deinstalling Acronis Partition expert.

    I've never seen something unusual as this, and I've no clue, what the problem could be. The same problem is in the save mode.

    Edit: Problem solved!!!
    Somehow I fu**ed up my time-settings. So, the evaluation copy wasn't valid anymore...
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