Win XP keeps logging me off  !

By crazymikejj
Dec 10, 2005
  1. Hey and thanks to whomever can help here. Ok, when I start the computer up, I click on my user icon:

    1. The box says logging on and the music plays.
    2. Then the box immediately saves settings and logs right back off.

    It does this with all user icons. I tried starting in safe mode and all other modes but it goes right to user icons and the same thing happens, even with Administrator. I know that certain spy-ware programs remove a file when that spy program is removed.
    I use Spy-Bot and recently added System Mechanic 6 (which I'm not too fond off.)
    I am trying to add the “copy userinit.exe wsaupdater.exe” at the C\windows\system32 prompt. Anyway, I tried to re-boot the system with a boot-disk and with the XP CD to get to prompt but the computer does not respond to them. It goes right to the user icons, I click on one and it logs off. I can't get to DOS or anything. I use Windows XP Home Edition on a Dell. Please help.
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    could be the blaster virus. Boot in safe mode. IF that doesn't work, boot off a anti-virus CD ROM
  4. crazymikejj

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    Thanks for the advice but...

    I added the exe file to the registry but or some reason it ddn't keep. When I went back on, it was back to the same thing. I simply re-installed XP but now I'm getting a DLL error message. Oh, well, such is life.
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