Win7 BSOD's

By adidascoin
Feb 4, 2010
  1. Ok, Ive had this system for about 5 months, ive been forced to use an HD with xp32bit because im so badly plagued with BSODs. Im on my 3rd test HD, ^ clean installs. and i should note that this identical system ran flawlessly with XP, iono what to do, i usually get frusterated and go back to XP, but im really wanting to use win7. attatched are my most recent dumps. ive done a mobo update, bios update, switched antivirus, and updated vid card, all did nothing.

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  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,961   +69

    Five of your minidumps were read. In all they simply listed Windows OS drivers which are usually too general to help.

    Two errors are 0x3B: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION
    This indicates that an exception happened while executing a routine that transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code. This error has been linked to excessive paged pool usage and may occur due to user-mode graphics drivers crossing over and passing bad data to the kernel code.

    One error is 0x19: BAD_POOL_HEADER
    A pool header issue is a problem with Windows memory allocation. Device driver issues are probably the msot common, but this can have diverse causes including bad sectors or other disk write issues, and problems with some routers.

    The remaining two are what caught my attention: 0x101: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT
    This indicates that an expected clock interrupt on a secondary processor, in a multi-processor system, was not received within the allocated interval.

    The specified processor is not processing interrupts. Typically, this occurs when the processor is nonresponsive or is deadlocked.

    * Give us your system hardware.
  3. adidascoin

    adidascoin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry, i put all my system info in, but didnt select yes to diplay, lol, CPU
    AMD Phenom9600 64bit Quad core
    GeForce 6100PM-M2
    ATi Radeon HD 4650 1GB
    aftermarket cooler
    Rocketfish 5.1 soundcard with Denon Home theatre
    Hard Disk(s)
    1TB WD, 80GB WD
    Other drives
    LG DVD burner, Sony DVD burner
    Other Peripherals
    Operating System
    Windows 7 Build 6.1.7600
  4. adidascoin

    adidascoin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    went 3 days without incident, till just now, heres a new one.

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  5. adidascoin

    adidascoin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    app,system log, and meminfo

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  6. adidascoin

    adidascoin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    bump, anyone?
  7. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,961   +69

    Another 0x3B error without anything definitive.

    Looking back at my first reply there may be issues with your cpu. Are you still getting BSODs?

    Your generic case: Did it come with a generic power supply?
  8. adidascoin

    adidascoin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the case is older, but i did order a brand new psu with all this, and as for the cpu, i should mention that it ran flawless on xp for months
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