Windows Firewall wont allow me to open port 6112

By morebees
May 5, 2009
  1. Hello i play warcraft 3 almost every day i use to beable to host games but for some reason i switched my router i got that setup for port forwarding but i dont think my windows firewall is allowing me to even when i have it turned of it still says my port is not open or unreachable i used pfpportchecker n i'm running windows xp.
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    I doubt this is a Windows Firewall issue...

    Usually, the new routers have port forwarding, but only for a specific local IP (assigned by the DHCP router).
    Eg.: only has port 3784 opened; and the others don't.

    As Matt suggested, that site has info for most routers. If you can't find the info there, then google it or, even better, consult with the router's manual.

    After you think you got it right, just use to quickly see if you can accept connections via that port.
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    Use this guide;
    (space between www and .euro...)

    Made for WC3FT opening ports
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