Windows Installer

By Stephen
Jul 31, 2005
  1. I just got word of my brother that his computer keeps giving him an error message, something to do with windows installer and safe mode. It won't let him install anything, listen to any music and limits his actions to very minimal stuff. Any ideas?
  2. fyrebabe

    fyrebabe TS Rookie

    i don't know but..

    wish I could help but I have been having a possibly similar problem. My windows installer just stoped working and I have re-installed it and still no go. Ran everything on my computer can't find anything wrong. Ran sfc.exe(or scf..get them mixed up) to see if that would help. Now its all bad. Running my comp in safemode with networking otherwise my computer is slower than a turtle..hope someone can point both of us in the right direction..laters!
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