windows is going crazy. help me.

By google
Mar 8, 2005
  1. It all started with adobe acrobat 6 pro not working.

    Here's the summary - acrobat was not working. I tried with previous
    version (5). didt work, So I downloaded acrobat 7 which worked but still the print function was not working. when I tried to cancel it, it froze.
    I tried uninstalling acrobat 7, went upto 80% and gave an error.

    After that, netscape also freezes. The home page opens alright, if I click back, it freezes.
    yahoo messenger also started to freeze once it got connected.
    I can't install anything now. I have to goto safe mode to install/uninstall anything.
    I couldn't uninstall acrobat 7 even in safe mode.

    Seems like all this is like a trailor to a nightmare.
    what can I do now, other than formatting?
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