Windows Mail does not Auto-Complete an email address if computer has been shut down

By ntoren
Aug 2, 2007
  1. I have around 100 people in my Contacts list that I recently imported from my old XP Machine (the old Address Book) to a new computer running Vista. Currently, if I have typed an email to someone and later in the day/session retype the first letter or two into the address field it will automatically complete the address. However, the next time I turn the computer on and start another email with the same person's address, even though they're in my Contacts list I have to type the whole address myself. It's a pain in the **** that I never experienced with the old Outlook Express (Windows Mail's former name).

    So the issue is not, as was suggested to me, that I haven't typed this address before ever. Just not in this session.

    Anyone else experience this issue? Any suggestions?

    Many thanks!

    P.s. Thanks to SNGX1275 for earlier help. Got a bit more info from my boss as to what his issues entail here.
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