Windows Media Player freezing and then playing slow - QT is fine! HELP!!

By niic
Jun 20, 2006
  1. Hi guys,

    I'm hoping my previous thread didn’t post – my cat walked over the keyboard and kindly posted for me so here it is again!

    Anyway my issue in question is somewhat of a mystery to me so I’m being general for the moment and posting here in the OS section. Hopefully talking to you guys will drum up some answers!

    The problem is playing media! I’m not 100% when the issue occurred but I think it may have started just after I downloaded and installed the free version of Winamp! I have since removed the player and the problem still persists – possibly no connection at all. This issue I’m having is when I load any .wmv file, my PC opens Windows Media and then literally freezes for about 10seconds. Once it is loaded it plays the file at about 9frames a second (the audio is fine)! When I close Windows Media, it again freezes the PC for about the same amount of time then everything is normal. Thinking it is Windows Media I open the file in ACDSee and the same issue occurs, ACDSee loads no worries, however when I click on the file to play in the view window it also freezes my PC (no mouse control – I can stil ALT-Tab though). The file eventually plays and again at a greatly reduced frame rate. What is really odd is if I double click the file in ACDSee and load it into ACDSee’s actual player there is no problems and it plays fine! Also, all QuickTime files load without any issues and play as normal….

    I would greatly appreciate any assistance. Thanks for any help you guys can offer!

    Best Regards,
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