Windows update running on Linux?

By olefarte
Aug 16, 2003
  1. According to this, Windows Update is now running on Linux servers. Look at the chart at the bottom of the page in the link. I know yesterday Update was running very slow or not at all. Tonight it's running super fast for me. They just started using Linux today, maybe that's the reason.

    Source; Warp2Search
  2. Phantasm66

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    I think that hotmail runs on Linux as well. Ah, the irony!

    Windows just doesn't have the scalability that UNIX does. The size of UNIX clusters is pretty much limited by your imagination (and resources) as far as I know. Microsoft operating systems have nothing that really compares to this in this particular arena.

    However, in terms of domains and stuff, Active Directory (Microsoft technology for managing users and groups and resources like printers, etc) is really good.

    You would think that Bill would invest money in making a Microsoft operating system that does have the scalability that UNIX does. I wonder why he does not.
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