Windows Vista Password reset

By isaac
Oct 24, 2007
  1. hi guys!

    i have a windows Vista machine which i'm not able to log on because i don't know what the password is. this is a system that was originally bought through dell, and then sold to a friend of mine but he hasn't been able to login in, so he brought it to me. And i thought this was as simple as going into safe mode and using an administrator account but apparently Vista has changed that for security purposes. If i try booting into safe mode, i can't . for some reason the administrator account is not listed, perhaps disabled.
    Does anyone know a way to get arround this?
    Any free utilities that may let me get into the system.

    can anyone help! Please
  2. SNGX1275

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    Basically you can't. You'll have to reinstall the OS. I'm sure it is possible to reset it, but it probably isn't easy, and almost certainly would have you doing some text based stuff off a live linux cd.

    What is it with people always needing password stuff for Dells? Is there some black market I'm unaware of for getting shady deals on stolen computers or something?
  3. isaac

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    Thank you anyways.

    i resolved the problem. I restored to computer to an earlier time using the win vista dvd and by then the password was not set. i restored the pc to factory default or nto the first restore point.

    Back in business.
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