Windows Vista problem

By assos
Jan 6, 2009
  1. When i try to open a file like a pic/music file and etc a blue screen appear and they say that

    A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down.To prevent damage to your computer.

    And at the end write me that ***stop: 0x00000050 (0xfdebdb48,0x00000000,0x8b829a08,0x00000002)

    If u can help me i will be glad...thank u
  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,966   +70

    Is this the only time when the Blue Screen appears?

    Your error 0x00000050: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA
    Requested data was not in memory. An invalid system memory address was referenced. Defective memory (including main memory, L2 RAM cache, video RAM) or incompatible software (including remote control and antivirus software) might cause this Stop message, as may other hardware problems (e.g., incorrect SCSI termination or a flawed PCI card).

    Try this first: Run memtest on your RAM. This takes a long time but well worth it. Download from (it is free and very safe), burn it to a CD disk (ISO format) place it in your CD/DVD drive and reboot your PC. The test will take over and must run for a minimum of 7 Passes; 8 individual tests per Pass. Any errors and you have RAM that must be replaced.

    * Get back to us with the results.
  3. assos

    assos TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok thanks for the help i will try it tomorrow and i will tell u :D
  4. Ultiweap

    Ultiweap TS Enthusiast Posts: 606

    Take the advise of Route44 and if you got an error with your RAM and if you have two or more stick then you will need to test for each one by removing them and leaving only one and changing it after each test. thus you will know the faulty one.
  5. I had the same problem and it turned out to be one of the memory sticks i have to agree with route44
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