Windows- Wrong Volume Error

By chaz d.
Mar 23, 2006
  1. I frequently get this error. What the heck does it mean?
    "The wrong volume is the drive. Please insert volume New into drive E:."

    I cant change the hard drives letter or anything....what should I do?
  2. hotice

    hotice TS Rookie Posts: 22

    looks like some program/service is trying to access your cdrom drive at certain interval. If this is the case, try clearing your startup items. Possible one of the application you installed is trying to access e: drive of your computer. Just click
    start->run-> type msconfig hit enter
    click on startup tab on system configuration utility, uncheck the checkboxes next to all the items other than antivirus and firewal. click ok and restart the system . see if same think happens after that.
  3. irshad

    irshad TS Rookie

    I have Dell-inspiron 6400
    I am facing worse situation now a days
    1- one error message appears to my laptop's screen
    "ri.exe- wrong volume", the wrong volume is in the drive. please insert volume in the drive E:.
    when this is cancelled, system hangs up and when restarted one black screen appears with the message "Missing operating System". other partitions on the disk also become corrupt.

    If i click continue button on the error message, the same message appears with the drive letter D: and then C:.

    I have also formated the 3 or 4 GB partition which is perhaps for the Dell utility, i am not sure.
    I have no clue to solve it.
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