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By #Curtis
Jul 11, 2006
  1. Windows XP Home came preinstalled on one of my computers from Packard Bell with the s/n on the side, no disks, because Packard Bell kindly provide a parition with will format and reinstall Windows and all the drivers for you, great eh? Unless you cant access this partition because of a grub error, so my only choice left is to format. I install Vista and Linux FC5, which are great, however my trial of Vista will only last 14days, and i cant activate it (because the key is assigned to the other computer and i cant get another key because the program is closed and M$ dont want to know). So my dilema, i need to find a windows XP home disk, but noone i know has a copy, any ideas?
  2. iss

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    Well. if you had not formatted the hard drive you could have created an XP disk form the files in the recovery partition. Your only other option is to contact packard bell and see if you can get a replacemnt disk from them.
  3. #Curtis

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    I considered that, but Packard Bell arent best for their support, and my warranty ran out on Boxing Day just gone. So i'm not sure, if worst comes to worse, i will have to buy a copy, but im not in the mood, or financial situation to fork out £60 something.
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