Windows XP Home Edition Problem

By I-Robot
Dec 31, 2005
  1. XP Home User Profile duplicated, gone wrong, HELP!!!

    I am having a problem with windows xp home edition and its user accounts. I noticed when I explore my c drive it has two folders under my documents and settings. One is the regular folder with my name. and the other is my name (dot) computer name.

    my name: jim
    computer name:house

    then the folders listed are


    It loads the, which is not what it ussually does. There is another user account on my PC with the same problem. But two of the other accounts do not have this problem.

    Coincidentally, the two that dont have the problem are the ones without the .house suffix

    They dont have a duplicate either, so the folders read something like this


    this is causing a real problem because my stuff isnt accessable right now unless I go though the explorer. I think this person who started this thread has the same problem as I so. McAfee isnt picking anything up.

    Ohh yeah, before the explorer process loads a command prompt come up and you have to close the command prompt and run windows explorer from the task manager.


  2. I-Robot

    I-Robot TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No one has any help for me? Only 12 views, this is a really bad problem i could use some help.
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