Windows XP Pro Login Screen

By prestigious
Dec 2, 2006
  1. My computers been fine until one day....I booted up my computer and it comes to my welcome screen where I click on my account(its the only one there). It doesnt usually bring be to this screen but I click it and all that happens is it says "loading your personal settings", I get logged in for about half a second and it brings be back to the welcome screen and says "saving your settings" as if I just logged off....can anyone help me? I tried to repair with the windows cd but it didnt work.
  2. jstmahoney

    jstmahoney TS Rookie

    hmm, that sounds like a virus, or somthing of that sort. do you have a norton antivirus disk? Or somthing like that? you can stick that in to scan 4 viruses when your computer boots up.
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