Windows XP PRO setup Error

By sakura_assassin
Jan 4, 2006
  1. Hiya. Well, i recently got a new hard drive from a computer fair, 80gig 7200rpm, and i've gone to install a copied xp pro disk. Now i've used the setup floppy disks (6 of them!) and it loads the files easily, but crashes when it gets to the optional screen, press enter to install f3 to escape etc...., my computer recognises that the hard drive is there on IDE AUTO DETECTION on the CMOS, but is there anything that anyone knows of which can help me?! please...?
  2. iss

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    Get a genuine XP CD your copy is probably defective.
  3. sakura_assassin

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    I only insert the floppy disks in to prepare my computer for installing from CD, it crashes before it reads the cd. I've formatted the disks and put the software on to them on 2 different computers to see if either would make a difference, and at one time it did, because i file wasn't missing (came up quite a lot) but then it got to the option part, and now crashes...
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