WinXP forcing login as Guest when connecting to network folders....?

By Cryo
Nov 28, 2003
  1. I am a grad student and have access to 15+ network folders on 3 different campuses. In order to access these folders I would just create a shortcut with \\server\folder, that way I didn't need to have to deal with the problems of mapping drives and not always having access to all of them etc. The system worked fine until I just ran a fresh reinstall of XP on my laptop. Now when I try to do the same thing I get the following

    For the life of me I can't figure out how to get XP to allow me to log in as a different user. I have turned off the Guest user under user profiles as well as uncheck "Use simple file sharing" which were suggestions that I have received from someone else, neither of which worked. If you guys have any insight into this I would really appreciate it. Thanks a ton.
  2. golfing22

    golfing22 TS Rookie Posts: 22

    Normally when you map network drives in Windows 2000/XP it will have a thing at the bottom of the open windows that will say "Connect to a different user name". When you first map the drive just click that statement and then tell windows what user name and password to use.

    Hope that helped.
  3. in your earlier install of XP you may have been using a 'user' type account
    for your routine work. it is the recommended arrangement.
    Acounts created while installing XP are administrative (the current account).
    Hence the hassle with network folders.
    convert your account to user type.
    (insuring you you the administrator password for XP)
    access the manager via control panel->administrative tools-> computer management
    type compmgmt.msc in RUN from start menu
    then use "users and groups"...
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