wireless for tecra 8100

By gordito
Dec 2, 2005
  1. I have just recently acquired a Toshiba Tecra 8100 laptop. I operate a wireless network at home and would like to add this laptop to the network. I have been unable to find out if it will support a wireless card and if so, what kind of wireless card do I need to purchase?
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    Any PCMCIA wireless card will work. So this is probably what you'll want. You can also get USB and the Tecra 8100 may also have a spot for a mini-PCI. Mini-PCI might be more trouble than it is worth though, especially if your laptop isn't "wireless ready", but it is installed on the inside.
  3. gordito

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    more about Tecra 8100 going wireless

    Rick, thanks for your comment. If I get a PMCIA wireless card is there any special software that I need to make it work? Will I be able with such a card to hook it inot my network and browse the internet through my network. I am connected to a cable system for my ISP services.
  4. Rick

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    You will need drivers and a wireless software utility. But if you buy a new PCMCIA card (also called cardbus) or USB wireless, it will come with the appropriate drivers and wireless utility (XP comes with its own which is pretty simple to use)

    A wireless card is just another way to inferface with your network. So this will be fine. If "hook" means physical plug in, you can also get wired networking PCMCIA cards / USB adapters which will allow you to plug it in.... You know... if you're into that kind of stuff. :)
  5. gordito

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    My compliments

    Thanks Rick for taking the time to help allay my fears about going wireless with this machine. I was afraid that the Tecra 8100 might not be capable of handling all of the intricacies of wireless networking, but I feel good about it now.
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