Wireless gateway problems

By tooge8136
Jan 12, 2008
  1. i just bought the westell 327w gateway. i have the gateway located on the first floor, and when i play my 360 on the second floor using wireless it works fine. however when i try to play it on the first floor my connection is horrible regardless if its on wireless or through an ethernet cord. any answers would be appreciated.
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  3. tooge8136

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    thanks for taking the time to find the link. however, there was no change in the connection afterward. i called verizon and they said its a hardware malfunction in 327w models. they said its going to be $50 for a new router and the funny thing is its another 327w. i would rather not waste the money and have the same thing happen again. if i just go out and buy my own are there any suggestion at what to look at and/or will there be any problems? thanks again
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    Personnally I say, just go out and buy one ! (any one)
    But tell the sales person, if it doesn't work on my system, can I bring it back (even though opened) If they say yes, then go for it.
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