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By RSch110856
May 31, 2005
  1. I have a DI-514 D-Link wireless router. I have a desktop wired to it and trying to get my laptop hooked up wireless-ly to it. Currently the wired works fine to the desktop and to the laptop. The router status shows that it is sending packets wirelessly and the DWL-650m adapter status shows it is sending packets. The problem is neither are listening to the other. Is there a method to test either? My OS on both is WINXP pro.
  2. poertner_1274

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    Can you get on the internet with the laptop, but you can't browse shared files on each computer? Did you try browsing by the ip address of each computer? \\ intead of your computer name like \\Laptop?

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  3. Filard

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    Do you have a firewall? If so, what kind?
  4. RSch110856

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    I can get to the internet with the laptop through the wired connection with the DI-514. I can't get a connection between teh DI-514 and the laptop. I downloaded a utility called "network stumbler" and it doesn't detect any access points either. It seems like the DI-514 is sending packets wireless-ly and the DWL-650M is sending packets wireless-ly but both are not listening to the other one. I can't figure this out. I know it is not rocket science.

    No fire wall.

    Thanks for the replies guys, still stumped.

  5. tdeg

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    Do you have WEP or WPA turned on on the router?
  6. Nodsu

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    Did you set the router to broadcast the SSID? How do you know the router is sending out wireless signal?
  7. RSch110856

    RSch110856 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have tried WEP enabled and disabled.

    The traffic status shows that 0 packets have been received and 'x' (number greater then 0) packets transmited on the wireless side. Under Status/Stats.

  8. Filard

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    Is the access point set for Ad-Hoc? If so, you won't get internet. Ad-hoc is for a peer to peer network.
  9. RSch110856

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    we have the access point set to 'infrastructure'.
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