WLAN connection problems

By greeny12m
May 29, 2004
  1. i have a wireless USB adapter which i bought on ebay a while ago, i had it working but then upgraded my PC and well now it isnt, ive tried to look for it on the internet but nobody seems to have heard of it, on the box it says AIRVAST WN-210 Mini-USB Adapter. i have looked for new drivers etc but found none, i have installed the drivers from the CD and i got a box that sayid something about the windows HCL.... i clicked continue anyway.
    anyway the problem is:
    it is recognized in the device manager which says it it "working fine". when the bubble pops up asking which network to connect to. i have to tick a box that says connect to this network even though it is not secure. but when i tick the box the connect button gets faded out and i cant click on it. help!!! there is probably a very simple explanation for this but i am a bit of a novice at this sort of thing.
  2. greeny12m

    greeny12m TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Its ok i have sorted the problem, i found a backup file with some better drivers for it that i didnt realise existed, let alone i had.
  3. stuartlloyd2000

    stuartlloyd2000 TS Rookie

    TP-210 WLAN drivers

    Dear Mr Greeny
    I have the same device and have mislaid the drivers. Could you possibly send me a set.
    Stuart Lloyd
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