Woman decries Burger King's "BK Veggie Burger"

By uncleel
Apr 6, 2002
  1. Woman decries Burger King's "BK Veggie Burger" cooked on same grill as meat; is deceptive to her and other vegetarians
    Scranton Times Tribune | April 5, 2002 | Mary S. Ondrako
    I guess no one has ever accused these P.E.T.A . enviro-wackos as being culinary genius, but Ms. Brianiac here takes the cake. The BK "grill" is a chain conveyor line travelling through a broiler flame, so "cooked in meat juices" is really irrelevant. The reporter missed this obvious fact. No telling what would have happened to her if she had eaten any of it; sound as if she'd have been poisoned. Besides, whatcha doing @ a fast food joint anyway?

    I smell a lawsuit!
    Just like the McDonald's French Fries issue.
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    I have a question about posting news. What does this have to do with 3DS forums ? Aren't we suppose to be posting about computers and related news ? If we can post news stories like the 4 I just read then why don't I just post stories from all the major news services and news websites here all day and shoot my post count up to 2000 ?? Sorry if I am comming off wrong but I thought we where suppose to be at least a little computer related with news posts ?? If I am wrong, I apologize.
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