Worked for a sec.

By drdreafs
Oct 6, 2006
  1. Built a computer, installed a new mother board and cpu. I connected all of the wires to the mother board and other componets. turned on the power supply by pluging it in. The green led light was on. Try turning it on and got nothin! Checked the jumpers and switch connectors. They were all fine. Desside to change out power supplies and it worked fine with the power supply out of the computer. Then turned it off. Installed the power supply in side of the computer and then nothing. The only thing I could get was the green led light to come on. Took out te power supply and placed it in another computer and now it doessn't work in that one either. I figure my computer is killing power supplys and one have any idea's. Thanks Andre
  2. dmill89

    dmill89 TS Guru Posts: 475

    I think there are 2 likely posibilities

    1.You overloaded your powersupply. This is common many people use powersupplies (PSUs) that don't have enough power to run their system. Post the specs of the system as well as the full specs on the PSU amps and watts also post the brand of PSU (some brands are known as bad and overratre the output of their PSUs).

    2. Something in your case is causeing a short. Check to make sure no metal is contacting your motherboard or any other components.
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