Xbox 360, Sony Bravia HDTV, VGA or Component?

By British_Command
Jul 8, 2007
  1. Right i have an sony bravia HDTV 32'' 1080i s series, not the newest series and basically my friend has bought a TV which i dont think is HD but has a VGA output on the back, he uses that output for his xbox 360 and apparently it is a lot sharper than my HDTV. So I have been looking into it and is it really better? I think so myself as the VGA display higher resoltuion for computers although I doubt it applies for the 360. Would it look sharper or better if i get a HD VGA output? Im thinking about buying one because at the moment on some of my game, fast moving objects (moderatley fast) will sort of go or "Line'y' as in they turn to lines? really weird and probably should of gone for a 37'' samsung for the same price... Can anyone enlighten me on the VGA output?

    Thanks for any info,
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    Thanks i have googled VGA etc, and found out that VGA displays 720p and not 1080i, but apparently 720p can be better than 1080i depending on the TV. But im not sure if the HD VGA cable will display 1080i? too be honest I think I will buy it and compare, probably will look sharper..
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