XP Crashes in safe mode

By Willpeg
Sep 2, 2007
  1. Hi Guys
    I need your wisdom.
    A few days back AVG detected the virus hidr.exe which it deleted. This took out AVG it self and Zone Alarm. No problem reloading AVG but Zone Alarm needed me to reboot into safe mode. Thats when the problem started.

    In safe mode it just crashes. I carried out all the recommendations I could find about the MBR etc but to no avail. The research I've done suggests using the repair console. Using the XP disc I just cant get into it. It just hangs. So I thought lets do a new installation this just hangs up the start up screen (about an hour) then does nothing. So I cancel and reboot and it boots into normal mode with no problems.

    I enabled boot logging. The only real thing I can see from this is it loads NDproxy.sys and the very next line states did not load NDproxy.sys. Did some research on this but could not find out anything that can help. I also did not understand a lot of what they were talking about.

    Can anybody help me with this please.

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