xp home recov. cds wont work with upgrade

By i_need_answers
Jul 8, 2005
  1. Hi,
    I purchased a HP Compaq presario s5100nx
    Recently I have choosen to upgrade the motherboard in my computer. After I upgraded the motherboard the operating system on my computer would not work (windows xp home). The restore cds that i made also do not work to restore it. I have any serial number, model number, microsoft product key and I also have the restore cds I made. thanks alot anyone know what I should do? Will HP give me a replacement??
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    Did you ever check the CD-key of the originally installed XP?
    And I mean, inside Windows itself, not the key from the sticker.
    Programs like ViewkeyXP can show you.
    Those pre-installed PCs (Dell, HP, etc.) usually all have the same key. To comply with M$, they will also supply you with a COA-sticker on the PC or on the Documentation somewhere.
    They key on that sticker is quite often different from the 'installed' key, so you could try and use any normal XP-Home CD, and install it with your own key.
    Chances are, it will work. If not, call M$, after all you are legit!
  3. i_need_answers

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    Thanks, I emailed HP tech support and they responded and told me that the only way they could restore windows xp was for me to take it to an authorized distributor (bestbuy is the only in my area) and have them "Tatoo" the bios with some code so the recov cds will work. I'll call microsoft and see what they can do though. Thanks :)
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