XP Home Remote Desktop Connection

Oct 23, 2005
  1. Should it be disabled or secured to increase security? How do you disable or secure it? Thanks.
  2. milky

    milky TS Enthusiast Posts: 85

    If you don't plan on ever using it, disable it.
    I highly recommend enabling it, however, as this is one of the best features of XP. It allows you to connect to your PC from any PC with an internet connection and work on your PC as if you were there (a service I used to pay over $20/mo. for with "GotoMyPC".
    I wouldn't worry too much about the security issue of it, since a hacker would have to know your Public IP Address, Windows Username & Password in order to gain access.
    Being that this is a home PC, you really don't need to worry about hackers since they generally try and hack corporate PC's/Servers where they can get valuble data. They're not interested in "Joe Schmo Homeowner" and his porn/music/photo files.

    To Enable/Disable:

    Right click on My computer
    click <Properties>
    click the <Remote> tab
    there it is!
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