XP pro to sever code visa versa

By SuperCheetah
Mar 25, 2002
  1. Turn Win XP Pro into server, vice versa

    Found this article over at the Register. Don't know how trustworthy it is, but it seems legit enough. Anyways, it's a neat little registry tweak some of you guys might want to try out!

    There are some links you'll have to go to try and download the right program, or a link telling you how to hack the registry, but be warning it can seriously mess up your computer.

    Has anyone else noticed that traffic has slowed down considerably the past couple of days??? Or is it just me? :)
  2. lokem

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    Re: Turn Win XP Pro into server, vice versa

    Kewl... One thing I don't get though, why bother switching when you can install another copy of the same OS? I guess this shows how similar Windows OS are :D

    And yes, I agree with ya Super. Traffic has gone down considerably since Sunday. Not sure why; but I do know that today is a REALLY slow news day :(
  3. Tweakster

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  4. SuperCheetah

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  5. lokem

    lokem TS Rookie Posts: 672

    Just noticed this over at Inquirer:

    It's amazing what a small tool can do.. :D
  6. ontguy

    ontguy TS Rookie

    Microsoft is denying the claims of this tweak.

    Check this article out:

    I would agree with the article. The resources aren't there, fooling the registry may allow for some functionality, but not all.
  7. lokem

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    They should be denying this. If MS admit that they're the same codebase and things can be changed with a few tweaks, they'll be in a whole lotta trouble. They'll be making a LOT less money from the server editions of their OS and perhaps there could be another lawsuit.. Hehe..
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