XP Settings won't stay put

By G_Fei
Sep 2, 2004
  1. I recently reinstalled windows XP on my desktop, I was having some performance problems which I have attributed to a seven year old hard drive I was still using.
    After installing I have noticed that settings will not stay the way I put them. My internet home page defaults to the same page -> and my folder settings reset themselves everytime I close them. A search toolbar keeps showing up in the toolbar of my folders and IE which I don't want. Can't make that go away either.

    If anyone has any suggestions short of starting from scratch AGAIN, done that too many times, they would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for your time
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  3. G_Fei

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    Well, Ad-Aware took care of the IE problem, guess the spyware remover in System Mechanic isn't so good. But I'm still having trouble with my folder settings. They just refuse to stay the way I put them :mad:

    Thanks for the suggestion, I thought I was set in that area.
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    That shouldn't be too hard to fix.
    Open up one of you folders, and go to Tools >> Folder Optoins.
    Then click on the View tab.
    Next scroll toward the bottom and you will see a label saying "Remember each folder's view settings" Just make sure that is ticked.
    Hit OK, and all should be better.

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