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By Robsters1
Aug 4, 2009
  1. Here I am peering at a keyboard, on a hard plastic chair, trying to figure out a way to solve my problem (maybe there are many in this situation) I'm an M Ed in education technology so I figure I should fix this myself! Anyway ... about me I'm an out of work English teacher nearing retirement on his way home to NZ, just resting in the phils and helping out my partner with our wee internet cafe. You know how testing being an internet cafe PC is? Well ours suffer regularly from user flu, so we get to practice out tech skills. I haven't done much of this since I left a support role with Telecom about 9 years ago so my dos skills are zilch

    I think Techspot is going to be the place so am looking forward being a part of it now I have an excuse to fiddle again.

    Cheers All
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    Welcome, Mate.
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