You can view Content.IE5 through GUI

By k_green78
Apr 28, 2006
  1. I've recently have become interested with Content.IE5, and found that everything on the internet says that you can't actually view the folder and the only way to delete what's inside of it is to use windows stuff. Well i have found ways to both delete it myself and view it in GUI, but i need some more advanced programmers to help exploit the error. You see if you use a program by O&O software called SaferErase (which allows you to use it on folders through right clicking on them), you can right click on the Temporary Internet Files folder and click Securely Erase and it will under most circumstances, delete all the stuff in Temporary Internet Files including some of the stuff in Content.IE5. Additionally once you secure Erase the stuff if you open Temporary Internet Files, Content.IE5 will display in the GUI until the next time you run the Internet Explorer. This is the first i know of anybody being able to graphically view the folder Content.IE5, so i am asking programmers to begin exploiting this error to make it possible to view the folder in GUI all the time.
  2. URANium238

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    I can watch every account's content.ie5 just fine, but my account doesn't have one (weird). I really wonder what I did to make it visible, but oh see for yourselves:

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  3. Psytek

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    That page has some good info to help you access and delete the files in content.ie5, I tried to make it a link but it keeps getting censored so you'll have to paste it into your own browser and add the 'k'
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