It features a command line interface for scanning files, updating the virus definitions, and a daemon for faster scanning needed on high performance systems.

Unlike most antivirus products, ClamAV requires no yearly subscription fee, and is completely free with source code to anyone who wishes to use it. Because ClamAV is released under the GPL v2 license, you must follow all license requirements if you modify the ClamAV source code, or use it in your own projects.

What's New:

Welcome to ClamAV 0.98.5! ClamAV 0.98.5 includes important new features for collecting and analyzing file properties. Software developers and analysts may collect file property meta data using the ClamAV API for subsequent analysis by ClamAV bytecode programs. Using these features will require that libjson-c is installed, but otherwise libjson-c is not needed.

Look for our upcoming series of blog posts to learn more about using the ClamAV API and bytecode facilities for collecting and analyzing file properties.

ClamAV 0.98.5 also includes these new features and bug fixes:

  • Support for the XDP file format and extracting, decoding, and scanning PDF files within XDP files.
  • Addition of shared library support for LLVM versions 3.1 - 3.5 for the purpose of just-in-time(JIT) compilation of ClamAV bytecode signatures. Andreas Cadhalpun submitted the patch implementing this support.
  • Enhancements to the clambc command line utility to assist ClamAV bytecode signature authors by providing introspection into compiled bytecode programs.
  • Resolution of many of the warning messages from ClamAV compilation.
  • Improved detection of malicious PE files.
  • Security fix for ClamAV crash when using 'clamscan -a'. This issue was identified by Kurt Siefried of Red Hat.
  • Security fix for ClamAV crash when scanning maliciously crafted yoda's crypter files. This issue, as well as several other bugs fixed in this release, were identified by Damien Millescamp of Oppida.
  • ClamAV 0.98.5 now works with OpenSSL in FIPS compliant mode. Thanks to Reinhard Max for supplying the patch.
  • Bug fixes and other feature enhancements. See Changelog or git log for details.