SeaMonkey 2.26.1

Web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing made simple.

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The new major release of the all-in-one Internet suite is available for download now. Building on the same Mozilla platform as the newest Firefox release, it delivers the latest developments in web technologies such as HTML5, hardware acceleration and improved JavaScript speed.

SeaMonkey is available in 26 languages, for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Most notably, this release features for the first time:

  • The Content Security Policy (CSP) 1.0 parser has been enabled.
  • The Mixed Content Blocker has been enabled, blocking insecure active content loads on HTTPS pages.
  • New mail alert information can be customized now (Preferences/Mail & Newsgroups/Notifications).
  • A confirmation prompt has been introduced to protect against accidental permanent data loss when force-deleting messages using Shift+Del.
  • MailNews Save As Template supports multiple selections now.
  • The size on disk is now shown for newsgroup folders.
  • Added support for scrollbar style in Mac OS X 10.7 and newer.
  • Enabled mixed content blocking to protects users from man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdroppers on HTTPS pages.
  • Improved about:memory's functional UI.
  • Enabled DXVA2 on Windows Vista+ to accelerate H.264 video decoding.
  • Simplified interface for notifications of plugin installation.
  • Enabled users to switch the search provider across the entire browser.
  • CSP policies using the standard syntax and semantics will now be enforced.
  • Implemented the HTML5 form control.
  • Added unprefixed requestAnimationFrame.
  • Dropped blink effect from CSS rule text-decoration:blink and completely removed element.
  • Fixed several stability issues.

Release notes for SeaMonkey 2.23:

  • SeaMonkey-specific changes
    • Download progress is now shown in the Mac OS X app dock icon.
    • EXIF orientation is now being used when displaying attached images in MailNews.
    • "This folder is being processed... to get messages." alerts on active MailNews folders now identify the account or folder.
    • MailNews notifications have a new look.
    • See the changes page for a more complete overview.
  • Mozilla platform changes
    • All plugins, with the exception of recent Flash plugins, now default to click-to-play.
    • The password manager now supports script-generated password fields.
    • Support for H.264 on Linux is now available if the appropriate GStreamer plugins are installed.
    • Support for MP3 decoding on Windows XP has been added, completing MP3 support across Windows OS versions.
    • The CSP implementation now supports multiple policies, including the case of both an enforced and Report-Only policy, per the spec.
    • There is no longer a prompt when websites use appcache.
    • Support for the CSS image orientation property has been added.
    • IndexedDB can now be used as an "optimistic" storage area so it does not require any prompts and data is stored in a pool with LRU eviction policy, in short temporary storage.
    • When displaying a standalone images, the EXIF orientation information contained within the JPEG image is now matched (bug 298619).
    • Page load times have been improved due to no longer decoding images that are not visible (bug 847223).
    • Support for the AudioToolbox MP3 backend has been added on Mac OS X (bug 914479).
    • Fixed several stability issues.

For a more complete list of major changes in SeaMonkey 2.25, see the What's New section of the Release Notes, which also contain a list of known issues and answers to frequently asked questions.