Thank you for downloading the Need for Speed Underground PC Demo. As of February 2, 2004, the PC Demo will no longer support online play. You'll still be able to participate in an engaging single player experience, but all online functionality will be disengaged.

Take It Underground

Enter the world of urban street racing and high performance tuner cars with the latest title in the hit Need for Speed series: Need for Speed Underground. Take one of today’s most popular tuner cars from Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors, Subaru®, Toyota™ plus many more and build the ultimate street machine by earning cash to pay for custom body kits and a host of licensed car performance mods. But just creating a custom street racing machine will not get you to the top; it takes a certain amount of attitude and razor sharp driving skills to compete in the tough world of urban racing.

A number of diverse events set in gritty, nighttime environments make up the heart of street competition. Players become complete street racers by perfecting skills in each event by nailing the perfect shift in drag racing and by putting their credibility on the line, racing through the city at all hours of the night.

Prove you belong in the elite street racing circles, work your way up the underground rankings and take on the best of the best in each discipline.

The Demo contains:

Single Player

* Race as one of 6 tricked out Nissan 350Zs
* A 1 lap circuit race.
* A single drag race.