Alternative apps to Samsung Kies:
  • 4.34.3
    1149 votes

    PC Companion is a collection of tools and applications you can use when you connect your Sony device to a computer.

    • Freeware
    • Windows
  • 3.93.9
    152 votes

    Switching to a new Samsung smartphone has never been simpler. And smarter.

    • Freeware
    • Windows/macOS/Android
  • 4.64.6
    214 votes

    Nokia PC Suite is a package of Windows-based PC applications developed especially for use with Nokia phones.

    • Freeware
    • Windows
  • 3.63.6
    332 votes

    The new Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) enables you to manage content on any portable device with storage.

    • Freeware
    • macOS